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Hello world! April 14, 2010

Welcome me! I just signed up to do my first blog. I have talked for many years of doing this blog and tonight is finally the night that I begin.

I admit it. I am a CraigsList Junkie!! I haved loved Craigslist every since my discovery of it three years ago. The ability to post to a classified for FREE? And browse through them without advertisements for FREE? WOW! What an amazing thing to offer the American public. I have an RSS feed that instantly lets me know when anything is posted in the free catagory as well as one for what I am currently on the hunt for (today it’s for a digital camera for under $50.00 because my seven year old has saved up his money for one). In addition, I search thru the farm+garden several times a day looking for a good deal and sometimes the general and wanted. I love this Craig guy!!

So, this blog is going to chronical my finds and what I end up turning it into. I love it because I have gotten so many cool things for free and because I have found some awesome deals. I’ll also post funnies when I see them and how much money I may have profited and/or saved on a project because I love it when I can say “honey, with just a little bit of sweat and a lot of cuss words, we saved (insert dollar amount here) building this!!

I hope you find my journey as awesome as I do.


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