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Phase 1 Water Garden April 21, 2010

 I have recently mostly completed the watergarden project. I have wanted a water garden FOREVER! My husband doesn’t like to dig holes, so I been trying to figure out how to make one above ground. I have tried many things, but none hold water. My husband finally felt sorry enough for me the other day and just dug me a hole, out of the blue!! I now realize that he has spent the last year fighting the manly urge to just take over my project and do it his way.Over the past year, I have steady accumulated items from Craigslist. I went and picked up a big blow up ring Intex swimming pool for free (Wal-Mart sells these for about $400.00).  The kids used it last year as a pool but I decided I hated it because the pump just isn’t strong enough for the pool and the water was constantly green. So, I turned the plastic into a pond liner. Also free from Craigslist was an entire truck load of nice flat brown landscaping stones. I’m not talking the ones that someone put together themselves, I’m talking about the stuff that’s about seven hundred dollars a pallet. What a find!

So, the hubby dug a big huge hole in an unsightly place in our yard where we’ve mentioned many times how good a waterfall would look there. It’s an area between the deck and the walkout part of the basement. It was previously overgrown with vines and fallen toys and all the stones had been turned over when the kids were looking for lizards.

We put in the free pool cut down into liner size but didn’t like the blue and white, so we covered that with scraps of black sheet plastic. Next, the landscaping stones went around the bank. Finally, we added a waterfall to the project by taking the largest of the landscaping stones and stacking them in the back. I already had a water garden pump I purchased a couple of years back.

We cut a length of waterhose and ran it from the top of the pump to underneath the big rocks we had set at the top for the waterfall and stacked other stones around it to hide it. I think it turned out pretty darn cool.

This bench was a CraigList find too–I paid only $20.00 for it. It is super heavy (no joke) and has a beautiful lighthouse scene on the seat part. 

Finally, we had some 2x4s and some wooden planks (sections of a privacy fence cut into 2-3′ lengths) that we had gotten for free too. We turned those into a boardwalk.

That’s the end of day one!


2 Responses to “Phase 1 Water Garden”

  1. michelle Says:

    WOW!!!!! Almost all free and looks amazing! Unbelievable! You both are doing great!! Keeps us all posted I want to see phase 2…

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