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Suggestions for Concrete Wall April 29, 2010

I received these picture suggestions from a forum on Craigslist. I thought they were awesome!

Bromeliad Wall Planter

Close up of Bromeliads

Orchid and Fern Wall

Concrete Stain


One Response to “Suggestions for Concrete Wall”

  1. Heather Says:

    Hey, maybe you could stain the concrete and do the bromeliads or planters on it. That would look great. I do like the little planter hangars, the orchids and ferns are a cool idea. You could even do herbs so you could have an edible garden wall. That would be kinda fun. Planters would be a good project to have the kids help you with. We did a little planter garden outside and Sky loved planting the seeds and now watching them grow and watering them daily. Good luck!

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