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Phase 3 of the Watergarden: details May 1, 2010

The third and final phase of my water garden was just the extra details… adding a few more plants, a windchime, and goldfish…

Braden and I went to Wal-Mart and bought 10 goldfish for 28 cents each. He picked all but one of them out. I really liked one with a lot of white on it.

We took the appropriate steps to release them into the water just like you do with a fishtank at home and then set them free! Apparently, the pet store goldfish can grow up to 16″ long  if their tank is big enough. I’ve never tried this before, so this is an experiment for me! 🙂

I added more dirt around the bench after it was leveled and the planks were stablized a bit with some flat stones we had leftover. I also transplanted some hostas to spice the place up a bit since most of the plants I added are so immature and would take a bit to grow.

I also added a windchime. I picked this cute moon and stars thing up from Wal-Mart too, it was ten dollars. I put it on a planter hook, another thing I had collected in my stash.

I’ll update with pictures once a month to show the progress of the Michigan Bulb plants. I’m still wondering about them because they were very inexpensive.  Time will tell.

Next, I will finish the backdrop, but not sure how soon I’ll get to it. The weather has been typical spring, which means I haven’t been able to work outside as much as I’d like! 🙂


4 Responses to “Phase 3 of the Watergarden: details”

  1. Audley Says:

    I love the water pond, can’t wait until I can put one in one of my flower beds. Thanks for respond to “Post your Blog” on BYC/BYH.

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I love BYC, I’m glad someone else there has a common interest! 🙂

  3. Juli Says:

    Beautiful! and inspires me to get to work on our pond again. I had a lovely horse trough pond with 2 koi for several years. Every homestead needs some sort of pond 🙂

  4. I never thought of using a trough, but I do have another pond I am going to post later that I made out of a stock tank I got off CL for $20.00. It has turned out real nice 🙂

    I also just came across this website and she has a lot of good instructions on building an above ground one out of wood and a liner and hot to make faux boulders easily and inexpensively.

    I think I’m going to try one of those boulders out!!

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