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CRAIGSLIST REPOST: Giving Blood – m4w August 5, 2010

best of craigslist > washington, DC > Giving Blood – m4w Originally Posted: Mon, 19 Jul 23:13 EDT

Giving Blood – m4w

Date: 2010-07-19, 11:13PM EDT


You: Sitting in the donor waiting area at the Red Cross looking relaxed and cute as all get-out.
Me: In the recovery area, dizzy and eating oatmeal-raisin cookies.

It seemed we had some nice eye-contact, but on top of being dizzy I’m a bit shy, so I left without saying a word. Argh! You might be my type!

  • Location: Fairfax Red Cross
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CL Repost: Miniature Horse–Would you buy this horse? It looks CRAZY! July 8, 2010

Miniature Horse – $400 (Rogersville, MO) 

Date: 2010-07-08, 9:06PM CDT 

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Wonderful, smart and easy going miniature horse for sale. He learns quickly and has a fantastic personality, just needs a job. I don’t have the time for him and he is being wasted. He would make an EXCELLENT TRICK PONY, cart horse or riding horse! I have him as a pet and companion horse which he would also be helpful as. He has been trained in Parelli natural horsemanship and has learned the first seven games. Trailers, started clipping and bathing. email/call for more information. Good home only. 

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Lo#ation: Rogersville, MO 

it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests 

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CL REPOST: best of craigslist: its Jared here, with COUCH-WOW June 11, 2010

best of craigslist > vancouver, BC > its Jared here, with COUCH-WOW 

Originally Posted: Tue, 1 Dec 15:43 PST 

its Jared here, with COUCH-WOW 

Date: 2009-12-01, 3:43PM PST 

Hey Folks, Jared here. 

I have a terific new product here to show you.. 

ITS COUCH-WOW…. and for a limited time only you too can enjoy this wonderful couch. AND ITS YOURS FREE…. thats right for just 3 easy payments of $0.00 you too can have this couch.. its a great deal.. and its all yours FREE… BUT WAIT.. THERES MORE… and ask about express pick up… thats right you can pick it up right now.. FOR FREE… BUT WAIT.. THERES MORE… for a limited time only … cause you know i cant do this all day… for the first emailer to ask.. I WILL HELP YOU LOAD IT INTO YOUR TRUCK… FOR FREE…. 

now you ask how this deal can get any better.. well here it is… again for a limited time only.. i will also throw in the places where the CATS SCRATCHED THE COUCH… unbeleivable?… I KNOW.. but its all yours for free.. 

email now.. our operators are standing by 

Location: Coquitlam 

it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests 

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Another Water Garden June 5, 2010

My original water garden was supposed to be created out of a stock tank. I came across a stock tank at Nixa Hardware that was surrounded with landscaping rocks and wanted to recreate it in my yard. I came across a stock tank on Craigslist for a mere $20.00. It had a couple of holes that we plugged with Great Stuff and it was as good as new!!

Using a free pool pump, I worked out a filtration system and a fountain, again, all free off Craigslist.

We never could get the rocks to work right, so instead, I just set it up and did some other things to make it attractive. I found a neat idea while geeking one day to use some bamboo around the edge.

I have an out of commission bamboo shade that I bought from Lowes. I measured it out and put it around the outside edge. We filled it full of water lilies and other plants we got off Craigslist. I put some Japanese Irises around the front and a wooden plank that was part of the landscaping when I bought the house.

We spent a whopping $50.00 total on this project between the stock tank, Great Stuff, and plants!


Fire Pit June 4, 2010

Since the water garden with the landscaping rocks didn’t work out, we made a firepit out of the remaining landscaping rocks instead. We did use the stock tank as a guide, because originally, it was going to go in there, so it is circular and 6′ wide. We bought bags of morter and sand to concrete all the stones together. Pretty simple project once we decided it wasn’t going to be a water garden!!


Nut cheese May 29, 2010


Nut cheese (springfield )

Date: 2010-05-29, 9:38AM CDT
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I have about 3 pounds of good nut cheese that i just dont need so if you are interested give a me a call

Nut cheese

Nice posting huh? LMAO


The Fire Pit

Another project from all those wonderful landscaping stones…

This project started out as a watergarden. I found a beautiful watergarden at Nixa Hardware and wanted the same for my home. It was a stock tank, flanked inside and outside with these landscaping stones, bottom of it was gravel.

I aquired a stock tank from craigslist for $20.00, 6′ diameter, 2.5′ deep–according to the previous owners, it may have a couple of pinholes in it. Well, not all craigslist deals are good deals–this one was a bad one. The stock tank was riddled with all sizes of holes in it! So, the watergarden became a fire pit.

Basically, we just used the stock tank as a guide, set the stones around it in a circular fashion to keep it nice and round. My husband bought concrete and sand and we mixed it up and set all the stones, inside and out, and let dry.

Wal-lah! Free fire pit! 🙂

Once we gave up the idea of this project holding water, it became a very simple one and about a $50.00 investment in concrete and sand.